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Bright Event Imaging

Short-Pulsed Laser Illumination for High-Speed, Bright Event Imaging

Industrial processes such as welding and ballistics are by their very nature very difficult to image due to their high brightness. The high glare obscures the image and leaves the process unknown. However, Oxford Lasers has developed short-pulsed laser illumination systems that cut through the glare enabling clear imaging of bright events. Industry can now view, evaluate and optimise their processes through laser illumination with high-speed imaging.

Welding Imaging

For high-value welding processes such as in electric vehicle battery production with thousands of precision welds, it is critical to view quality of welding during the process rather than after the process. With Oxford Lasers’ FireFLY or FireBIRD laser illumination system coupled with a high-speed camera you can see molten state of the melt pool thus capturing valuable insight on weld defects for early correction and process optimisation. 

Laser Cladding Imaging

For effective laser cladding (laser metal deposition) processes, consistency is key. Being able to see the powdered metal applied to the substrate is valuable for understanding powder flow, nozzle and shielding gas effectiveness. Oxford Lasers’ FireFLY or FireBIRD pulsed-illumination systems with a high-speed camera now enable sectors to view their bright process in great detail. Optimise your laser cladding process by understanding:

  • Focus position of the nozzle to substrate
  • Homogeneity and uniformity of powder flow 
  • Shield gas effectiveness
Oxford Lasers FireBIRD DAI

Energetic Event Imaging

Explosive events, such as ballistics, are notoriously difficult to image with photography due to the bright fire ball generated.  Oxford Lasers’ pulsed laser illumination systems coupled with high-speed cameras produces highly detailed images for analysing important aspects such as projectile angle and motion of flight. When quality of imaging counts, the single wavelength 808nm of the FireFLY and FireBIRD illumination systems enable energetic events to be imaged and analysed in great detail.

Oxford Lasers illumination systems - FireFLY and FireBIRD

Laser Illumination Systems

Our powerful, short-pulsed, laser-illumination systems have a variety of accessories for different purposes and are available for sale, rental as well as used in our own contract services laboratory for conducting limited in-house testing on your behalf or brought to your own location. 

Paired with a high-speed camera, Oxford Lasers’ systems provide single wavelength, short-pulsed laser illumination for highly detailed images enabling manufacturers to gain valuable insight for optimising their bright and energetic events.

Our FireFLY 500W laser illumination system can be used with a flexible liquid light guide or fixed direct area diffuser to accommodate your project needs.

Our more powerful FireBIRD 1000W laser illumination system can be used with a flexible liquid light guide and direct area diffuser.

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