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Specialised Applications in Laser Micromachining

High-precision laser applications across industries

Confidence in Performance

Metrology underpins our applications work so that customers get parts that meet their specifications. We employ different tools and techniques to ensure conformance with our processes along with certified drawings to provide confidence in performance. Please ask about what metrology is appropriate for your job. 

CCIT - Laser Drilling of Packaging for Positive Controls in Container Closure Integrity Testing

Supporting USP 1207 and Annex 1, we provide precision laser drilling of calibrated micro-holes as positive controls for CCIT.

Laser Drilling of Packaging for CCIT Positive Controls

From vials, ampoules and syringes to IV bags and pouches, we provide high-precision laser drilling of pharmaceutical packaging in CCI testing. Oxford Lasers provides Certificates of Conformity (CoC's) for our laser drilled positive controls. We offer Flow Effective Diameter (FED) testing or Optical Microscopic Measurement (OMM), depending on the package and customers' requirements.
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Guide Plate Laser Drilling

Ultra-high precision laser drilling of guide plates for semiconductor wafer test.

Ultra-High Precision Guide Plate Laser Drilling

World-class laser drilling facility providing guide plate production with extremely tight pitch, ultra-low taper holes in a variety of shapes for the semiconductor wafer probe test.
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Shale rock sample

Laser Milling Sample Preparation for XRM

Contract services for the preparation of samples for nanoscale evaluation in X-Ray Microscopy (XRM)

Sample Preparation for XRM

Oxford Lasers provides ultra-fine laser milling services for the preparation of samples used in X-ray microscopy.
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Oxford Lasers laser processing of PZT ceramics

PZT - Laser Processing in Ultrasound Probe Manufacture

Ultrafast DPSS laser processing of PZT ceramics in the manufacture of high frequency ultrasound probes

Ultrafast DPSS laser processing of PZT

Oxford Lasers has introduced a next generation laser micromachining technology for precision structuring of piezoelectric ceramic materials in the manufacture of ultrasound probes.
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