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Droplet Sizing Applications and Analyses in Agriculture

Agrochemical Spray Analysis

Spray Quality Assessment

Insight into spray quality is essential to the agrochemical sector both for an economic advantage as well as for environmental requirements. Oxford Lasers sizing systems provide advanced imaging technology to provide real-time droplet sizing information to understand spray characterisation, spray drift and product optimisation. 

Oxford Lasers Particle Sizing Systems

Industry has a limited number of standard analytical techniques to evaluate spray quality each with limiting disadvantages. As an innovation, Oxford Lasers’ VisiSize P15+ system means agrochemical industry can now analyse spray quality quickly and easily. The portable VisiSize P15+ comes pre-calibrated to dependably measure spray droplets without requiring expensive re-alignment. It can calculate and record both droplet size and velocity at the same time and can be used indoors our outside. Our larger VisiSize N60 series provides real-time droplet analysis for more challenging types of sprays. Our range of VisiSize systems are Class 1 laser safe and enable industry and academia to easily discover answers to their spray quality questions. Read more about our imaging products for spray quality.

Agricultural field

Crop Protection Training Tool

Agrochemical manufacturers use our VisiSize droplet characterisation systems as part of their educational programs and good stewardship initiatives. Our VisiSize P15+ droplet sizing system is portable and brought directly to customers’ sites for hands-on demonstrations. Our systems provide real-time visualisation of particles to demonstrate spray drift and the effect of changing operating conditions on spray quality as well as on formulation. Our instruments are easy-to-use, powerful educational tools for manufacturers to ensure better product use. 

Nozzle Development

Nozzle manufacturers use droplet characterisation analysis for design development. Our VisiSize systems enable manufacturers to understand the effect the nozzle design has on the product being sprayed. We provide easy to acquire and accurate spray analysis which supports manufacturers’ ability to recommend correct nozzle type and size according to the product being sprayed, correct combination of products and nozzles as well as impact of nozzle combinations and tank mix on spray quality. 


VisiSize N60 spray analysis
Oxford Lasers VisiSize real-time particle imaging - liquid in liquid application

Particle Sizing

Oxford Lasers provides image-based analytical tools that calculate the size, shape and velocity on a wide variety of particle types:

  • Droplets
  • Liquid in liquid droplets
  • Solid particles 
  • Spray-dried food products
  • Air inclusions in agricultural spray


Gain vital insight into your process with Oxford Lasers sizing systems. 

Oxford Lasers' VisiSize P15+portable particle sizing system
Oxford Lasers VisiSize N60 particle sizing system
Oxford Lasers N60maX particle sizing system

VisiSize Systems

Our powerful sizing systems are available for sale, rental as well as used in our own contract services laboratory for conducting in-house testing on your behalf. All provide real-time particle, droplet and bubble sizing analyses to support product formulation development, nozzle design as as a tool by suppliers for end-use education. 

Our portable VisiSize P15+ system is the most compact model designed pre-calibrated to deliver lab quality size analysis from the field or in the lab.

The larger models, VisiSize N60 and N60maX, combine the easy-to-use VisiSize software in the evaluation of more challenging sprays – those at higher velocities (speeds up to Mach 3), higher densities and at greater distances. 

Oxford Lasers analytical particle sizing tools are Class 1 laser safe systems with highly advanced capabilities that are easy to use and provide actionable insight in agricultural spray applications.

Read more about our VisiSize systems.  

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