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Compact, versatile, short-pulsed laser illumination systems for high-speed imaging

Oxford Lasers FireFLY500 laser illumination system

FireFLY laser illumination systems are our most compact, versatile, short-pulsed laser light sources designed for high-speed, bright-event and light-sheet illumination imaging applications. With a simple interface enabling them to be synchronised with high-speed cameras, the FireFLY series is offered in two different models; the 500-S (500W Standard model), and the 500-LS (500W Light Sheet model). Both models provide powerful, short-pulsed laser illumination for high-performance imaging applications.

What’s the Advantage of the FireFLY?

Oxford Lasers’ FireFLY systems are compact, easy to use with multiple accessories providing short-pulsed, powerful laser light sources that illuminate on a single wavelength (808nm) allowing for precision imaging of bright and fast-paced events. A laser-based light source is key to capturing detailed images. The intensity of the FireFLYs’ single wavelength, laser illumination makes them ideal for seeing through events that are already bright, such as welding. The speed and precision of the FireFLY500-LS laser light source has been developed to enable imaging with light-sheet laser illumination for flow visualisation, fluid mechanics and bio-locomotion imaging. These types of events struggle to be imaged with standard techniques leaving them unable to be viewed, understood and improved. Oxford Lasers offers a solution by enabling high-quality imaging with laser illumination.

Published Research with the FireFLY

Heat Transfer and Observation of Droplet-Surface Interactions During Air-Mist Cooling at CSP Secondary System Temperatures 

Huerta L., M.E., Mejía G., M.E. & Castillejos E., A.H. Metall and Materi Trans B (2016) 47: 1409. doi:10.1007/s11663-015-0537-  (external link, opens new window)


The FireFLY500-S (‘Standard’) is a compact, short-pulsed laser illumination system with the flexibility of multiple optical output accessories to match your application needs. It is a great all-around laser illumination system enabling highly detailed imaging over a variety of applications.

Please contact us for more information on options and accessories.

The FireFLY500-S is our most versatile, compact, short-pulsed laser. Coupled with any monochrome camera, the flexible design makes it a very versatile and easy-to-use laser light source for illuminating diverse high-speed 2D and 3D imaging applications. A range of optional accessories can be purchased with the laser enabling the user to tailor the illumination with the application requirements ranging from general high-speed imaging to bright events, NDT testing and even Schlieren and light-sheet imaging, plus more.
Key Benefits
  • Compact: Small and lightweight unit making it easy to mount
  • Robust: Machined aluminium case
  • Single wavelength: enables bright event imaging
  • Versatile: Short-pulsed, high output power and high repetition rate for high-speed imaging of both 2D and 3D imaging applications 
  • Adaptable: Trigger easily from any camera (high speed or low speed) with variety of optional accessories including liquid light guide, large area diffuser, and small area diffuser for direct illumination or light-sheet illumination applications


  • General high-speed imaging
  • Particle sizing
  • Spray diagnostics
  • Digital image correlation (DIC)
  • Schlieren imaging
  • Bright events (welding, ballistics, energetics)
  • NDT testing
  • Time-resolved PIV
  • High-speed PIV


The FireFLY500-LS (‘Light Sheet’) model is a compact, short-pulsed laser illumination system designed specifically for 2D applications such as Time-Resolved and High-Speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) imaging in mind. Paired with a high-speed camera, the easy-to-use FireFLY500-LS is perfect for illuminating high-speed events for imaging in applications such as PIV, flow visualisation and fluid mechanics.

Please contact us for more information options and accessories.

The FireFLY500-LS is our compact laser illumination model suited for general high-speed imaging but customised for more dynamic imaging applications such as light-sheet and PIV imaging. In light-sheet applications, Oxford Lasers’ illumination gives you a significant advantage by creating a uniform light sheet thickness for increased clarity across the imaging field of view. Coupled with any monochrome camera, the flexible controller has a PIV mode which negates the requirement for a synchroniser for the laser and camera combination. The laser can be triggered externally from a camera and will synch with high-speed cameras with ease. It also has an internal oscillator that will run up to the models maximum frequency to allow the laser to act as a master clock.
Key Benefits
  • Compact: Small and lightweight unit making it easy to mount
  • Robust: Machined aluminium case
  • Precision: Uniform light sheet thickness for clarity of imaging across field of view
  • Computer controlled: PIV programme mode
  • PIV measurement capabilities: Powerful insight into fluid dynamics


  • Time-resolved PIV
  • High-speed PIV
  • Flow visualisation
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Bio-locomotion
  • General high-speed imaging

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