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Semiconductor Wafer Test Guide Plate Drilling

Oxford Lasers specializes in ultra-high precision drilling of guide plates for semiconductor wafer test.

Guide plates are a component of vertical probe cards and consist of thousands of micro holes through which the probes are fitted to ensure accurate location of each probe.

Precision is a key factor in the production of fine pitch guide plates. Oxford Lasers excels at ultra-precision laser drilling of guide plates to produce tighter tolerances, smaller features with smaller corner radii.

Technological advances in semiconductor manufacturing are placing demands on suppliers of test equipment. The number of test points are increasing while the size and separation of the test pads are decreasing. Oxford Lasers keeps in step with industry advances by laser drilling guide plates with an increasingly tighter pitch, smaller hole sizes and various shapes without sacrificing a very high positional accuracy.

Different hole shapes such as round, elliptical, square, rectangular (as commonly used for MEMS probes) and asymmetrical can be achieved over a range of materials from ceramics to polymers and more.

Oxford Lasers have been producing guide plates for market leaders in the probe card industry for nearly 20 years. Our experience and knowledge have resulted in cutting edge developments to support the advancement in electronics testing and manufacturing innovation.

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Ultra-Precision Laser Drilling Capabilities

  • Tight pitch: 5µm web
  • Hole size: <20µm
  • Corner radii: <3µm  
  • Higher hole count >100,000 holes
  • Range of shapes: square, round, elliptical, rectangular, asymmetrical
  • Range of materials: hard ceramics, machinable ceramics, polymers, etc.
  • Hole positional accuracy: 1µm