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VisiSize N60maX

Droplet and Particle Sizing in High-Velocity Sprays

Oxford Lasers N60maX particle sizing system

VisiSize N60maX

Ultrafast and powerful sizing system, our VisiSize N60maX is a high-performance particle size and velocity measurement tool with extended working distance and built as a Class 1 laser-safe system.

Extending the working distance, we built the N60maX droplet measurement system to analyse more difficult sprays at distances greater than its sister system, the VisiSize N60. This makes it a high-performance droplet measurement tool handling challenging sprays that are high volume, high density or ultra-fast moving at speeds up to Mach 3 at a larger working distance while still being Class 1 laser safe system.

Designed with advanced imaging capabilities of continuous events, the VisiSize N60maX is capable of analysing a high data rate allowing the user to see exactly what is happening in the process in real time. 

The VisiSize N60maX combines both the quantitative and qualitative data elements which result in an image-based droplet diameter and particle size measurement process which is far more powerful than any other particle size measurement technique. 

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Technical Specifications VisiSize N60maX

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