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Laser Micro Scribing

Laser scribing is a laser micromachining technique which involves scanning a laser beam across a substrate to produce a series of blind cuts or scribe lines.  These scribe lines can then be used to ‘break’ or ‘singulate’ wafers or substrates.

Laser micro scribing is a laser micromachining process which is used extensively for volume production of semiconductor wafers, fabrication of blue LEDs and photovoltaic cells for the solar industry, where very fine control over the scribing leads to an extremely well defined break, which is clean and can be free of micro-cracking.

Scribing can also be used for surface patterning, dicing or as the first step in a ‘scribe and break’ process.  The scribing technique has the benefit of being a much faster process than laser cutting through a complete substrate.

Laser Scribing Specification
Minimum width of scribe
Aspect Ratio
Up to 30:1
Maximum Material Thickness
Typically 1mm (dependent upon speed requirements)
Most materials from soft plastics to hard ceramics including transparent materials

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