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High Precision Laser Micromachining

Specialist knowledge in high precision laser micromachining. We use a wide range of systems with different lasers to use the right tool for the job.

When Precision Counts

Oxford Lasers specialises in high-precision laser micromachining. Because of our established 46-year history in lasers, photonics and advanced manufacturing, we guide our customers towards the technique and technology best suited to their application and material. Oxford Lasers provides services and solutions with extreme accuracy to serve both industry and academia.

Laser Micromachining Contract Services

Oxford Lasers Contract Micromachining Lab

Find out more about our high-precision services by clicking on each below or contact us for more details.

We provide high precision micromachining services in our dedicated contract services laboratories. With an experienced team of engineers, we focus on the highest positional accuracy of our drilling, cutting, ablating, scribing, patterning and texturing to within several microns over a vast selection of materials.

Specialised Applications

Examples of Materials

  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Glass
  • Metals (e.g. stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, copper, aluminium, etc.)
  • Precious metals (e.g. gold)
  • Silicon nitride
  • Polymers
  • PZT
  • More

Micro Drilling

From high-precision arrays in semiconductor guide plates to precision pinholes in stainless steel discs, we provide a wide range of laser drilling services in the production of parts for numerous applications.

Oxford Lasers precision laser micromachined low taper square holes

Micro Cutting

Oxford Lasers contract services use a wide variety of lasers for laser cutting, ranging from ultrafast lasers which are particularly good for cutting transparent materials, to lasers with longer pulse lengths which can help to increase throughput.

Micro Milling

We provide laser micro milling to selectively remove material from a wide variety of substrates as well to form a wide range of blind features for our clients ranging from pockets and channels to chamfers and many other 2.5D structures.

Micro Scribing

Laser scribing is a technique which involves scanning a laser beam across a substrate to produce a series of blind cuts or scribe lines. These scribe lines can then be used to break or singulate those wafers and substrates.

Thin-Film Removal

Thin-film removal (or patterning) is a selective laser ablation process which allows extremely precise removal of single or multiple layers from a material substrate to create precision circuits.

Micro Welding (Glass to Glass/Glass to Metal)

Laser micro welding is a non-contact, high-precision, high-speed process which does not require intermediate layers, provides great advantages to many industrial applications and settings. Oxford Lasers has developed a new process of micro welding glass to glass and glass to metal. 

Oxford Lasers laser micro welding BK7 lens welded to aluminium alloy ring

Micro Surface Texturing

Laser micro texturing alters the surface of a material to create ripples or microstructures that affect the wettability, friction and light management properties of material.

Oxford Lasers laser micro surface texturing of stainless steel

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