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VisiSize P15+

Portable Droplet Sizing and Characterisation System

VisiSize P15+

The most compact of the VisiSize range of sizing systems, the portable VisiSize P15+ is a complete, integrated droplet size measurement tool for real-time spray analysis in the field or in the lab.
We developed the VisiSize P15+ to be a compact, portable tool providing lab-quality, comprehensive droplet and particle sizing analysis in real time.  Featuring a simple ‘Plug in and Play’ for real-time analysis, the VisiSize P15+ is a fast, effective method of measuring droplet size, shape and velocity.This one-piece, sealed enclosure is manufactured from block aluminium and waterproof. While providing accurate particle and droplet diameter distribution data, the system also provides close up images of the spray formation and break-up process. This adds a very powerful capability for research and troubleshooting applications which is not available from any other droplet sizing system.

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Examples of Research Using VisiSize P15

Characteristics and challenges of pesticide spray applications in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Technical Specifications

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