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The Home of Laser Innovation

Who We Are

Headquartered in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom with a global network and established office in the USA, we design, build and use laser-integrated tools, photonics and optics for micromachining and imaging applications. Our product portfolio encompasses two divisions that utilise laser technology in distinct ways.

The Micromachining Division offers complete laser systems as well as contract services for ultra-high precision laser cutting, drilling, milling, scribing and patterning. Whether our global customer base requires contract services or their own laser micromachining system for high-precision proof of concept work up to full volume production, we can help.

Our Imaging Division specialises in high-speed imaging analytical and illumination instrumentation and contract services. Our high-speed imaging products and services enable through real-time analysis of droplet, particle and bubble size measurements including quantification of spray pattern and plume geometry. Our laser-based illumination products are also paired with ultra high-speed cameras for specialised imaging applications including imaging of bright and energetic events that otherwise would be impossible to see.

For over 45 years, Oxford Lasers has developed a rich history of supporting industry and academia with customised solutions in the integration of lasers, photonics and advanced manufacturing. Oxford Lasers in the Home of Laser Innovation.

Oxford Lasers Home of Laser Innovation

Our History

Founded in 1977 by Andrew Kearsley (whilst completing his doctorate on excimer lasers) and Prof. Colin Webb from the University of Oxford the company’s aim was to manufacture and sell excimer lasers.

From humble beginnings (in one founder’s garage) to a dedicated production facility with state-of-the-art applications laboratories, the Oxford Lasers’ journey has not been uneventful.
Traversing multiple sectors with complex technological landscapes, whilst remaining focused on the advancements of lasers and laser integration technology, has been both challenging and rewarding in equal measure.
Through the creativity and tenacity of the people involved, Oxford Lasers has grown from a single product enterprise to a multi-product, laser integration specialist that applies cutting edge laser technology in the development of advanced laser systems.
To discover more about our products visit our laser micromachining and imaging pages, or contact us for a chat.

Join Our Growing Team

We have specialist teams in engineering, manufacturing and operations to software, sales and research and development all within an environment of and a noticeable curiosity in the field of photonics, lasers and commercial applications. Interested in joining us?  Check out any open job openings on our Career page.

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