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PDA 2024 and Oxford Lasers

Oxford Lasers at PDA 2024 – Precision Laser Drilling CCIT

Oxford Lasers is highlighting our high precision laser drilling of pharmaceutical packaging at the annual Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) 2024 Conference scheduled for 25-27 March in Long Beach, California. 

Meet us at booth #617 to see examples of our innovation in high precision laser drilling capabilities to create calibrated positive controls used in container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Oxford Lasers’ laser methodology means we are able to create calibrated micro-holes down to 2 µm in packaging and certified in our laboratory by flow-effective diameter or optical microscopy.


Tues, 26 March (14:30-15:15)
Trends Driving Closure Integrity Testing and Positive Controls

Oxford Lasers’ Ted Teitelman will be presenting key trends driving CCIT and positive controls. Don’t miss this presentation during the afternoon of the second day during the Lightning Session 2.

Commitment to Industry & Innovation

Oxford Lasers has decades of laser innovation history with high-precision micromachining systems and contract services. Our technical capabilities provide high positional accuracy laser drilling over a variety of materials including glass, polymers and metals. We keep pace with industry’s changing needs for higher precision in deterministic leak testing and control methods.

Have a question on how we can provide you high-quality calibrated positive controls for CCIT?

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