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SPIE Photonics Europe 2024 & Oxford Lasers

Oxford Lasers Presenting at SPIE Photonics Europe 2024 – Using Ultrafast Lasers for Laser Microwelding

Oxford Lasers is presenting a technical talk at SPIE’s annual Photonics Europe Conference scheduled for 7-11 April 2024 in Strasbourg, France. Learn about cutting-edge advances in laser microwelding based on our experience using ultrafast lasers with dissimilar materials at this leading conference for the International Society for Optics & Photonics. 

Technical Presentation

Tues, 9th April (08:55-09:15 CEST) |  Location: Curie A, Niveau/Level 1
Title: Why use ultrafast lasers for laser microwelding of dissimilar materials

Oxford Lasers’ Dr. Etienne Pelletier will be presenting recent advances in direct bonding of dissimilar materials like glass to metal, silicon or ceramics using ultrashort lasers. Don’t miss this cutting-edge presentation during the morning of the third day of the conference.

Commitment to Industry & Innovation

Oxford Lasers has decades of laser innovation history with high-precision micromachining systems and contract services.  We keep pace with industry’s changing needs by investing in robust R&D initiatives and strive to push the boundaries of laser and photonics capabiliities. 

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