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Laser Surface Texturing

Laser surface texturing is a process in which the characteristics of a materials surface are altered. Typically, the laser is used to create ripples or microstructures on the materials surface to alter wettability, friction and light management properties to name but a few. 

Surface texturing can be performed using a range of lasers with different pulse lengths from nanosecond through to femtosecond.  Using the correct process, the surface can be modified with an array of either micro or nano structures of varying density and shape.  Typically, surface ripples of hundreds of nanometres can be created through to surface structures of up to twenty microns, dependent upon the requirements of the application.  Many materials can be processed, from metals and ceramics through to polymers and glasses.

Laser Surface Texturing Specifications
Minimum track width
Maximum material thickness
Wide range of materials from metals and polymers to ceramics and glasses.

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