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Industrial Nozzle Development: Droplet Size and Velocity Measurement

Droplet size and velocity are key characteristics of industrial sprays and represent the quantifiable characteristics that enable the optimisation of the conditions used to generate the spray for the specific application.

Oxford Lasers’ VisiSize systems provide real-time analysis of droplet size, shape and velocity in the evaluation of nozzle performance. Our particle characterisation systems provide image-based insight to help optimise design. 

There are a large variety of industrial applications that utilise sprays with various drop size distributions and velocity profiles. These include gas scrubbing and quenching, cleaning/ washing, surface pre-treatment, dust suppression, moistening, lubrication, mixing/agitation, coating, and cooling for example. 

The size and velocity of the characteristics of the spray define the volume flux of the spray and as a result the efficiency of the spray for the various applications. The optimisation of the droplet size distribution can provide large economic advantages for industrial applications such as cleaning through the reduction in the volume of water used in the cleaning process.


VisiSize N60 spray analysis