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High Speed Imaging: PIV and Bio-locomotion of Marine Life

An area of interest for research is understanding the bio-locomotion of organisms. How do certain organisms, such as marine life, navigate and move through more viscous environments such as water? How does turbulence affect movement? Being able to record precise, natural movements in this environment is a challenge. However, Oxford Lasers has the ability to create remarkable images through the use of high-speed cameras and our laser illumination systems. 

High-speed imaging techniques with laser illumination enable researchers and industry to view in great detail the flow visualisation through PIV (particle image velocimetry). Our FireFLY laser has been used extensively in this application area and its flexibility in operation is one of the key reasons it has been chosen by many for their imaging of marine life. The illumination system allows scientists to capture the highest quality of images required to understand the propulsion and hydrodynamic effect. 

The compact FireFLY system means researchers can carry the imaging system on research field trips to capture images. In addition, the light from our single wavelength illumination systems (808nm) is also invisible to marine life enabling the subjects under observation to behave in as a natural manner as possible. 

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Published Research on Marine Life Using FireFLY Laser Illumination
Oxford Lasers' FireFLY system to illuminate imaging of mantis shrimp behaviour

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